emergence audiosystem audio system imprint in space imprint in space audiosystem->imprint in space field recorder field recorder audiosystem->field recorder perciever-performer perciever-performer imprint in space->perciever-performer imprint in space->field recorder perciever-performer->audiosystem perciever-performer->imprint in space

unedited recordings of experiments, real-time, in situ soundscape mediations



Selected recorded improvisations from a sunny morning and afternoon in the Hl. Johannes XXIII church.

2020.05.11/records | pd

Buffer Looper on Launchpad D01






Granular 10


Faust on ESP32 A1S

testing faust DSP on an inexpensive standalone audio board: A1s Audio Dev Kit

Got it to work with following instructions found here and with bash scripts/modifying examples:
- downloaded, moved and made executable as instructed, modified with serial port name.

To add potis:

MCP3008 - 8-Channel 10-Bit ADC
P0915N-FC15BR10K - 10K THT + Panel mount pot

SPI default pin mapping:

VSPI | GPIO 23 | GPIO 19 | GPIO 18 | GPIO 5
HSPI | GPIO 13 | GPIO 12 | GPIO 14 | GPIO 15


granular t


cut-up permuting sampler

(transcribed from voice memo, 2020-04-27)

record spoken phrase/percusive beats/etc into sample
detect transients by peak/threshold-following
trigger permutations of cut-up sample playback, eg:


optionally have multiple recordings of same phrase/beats, to add variety to chose from






by the way


in a tree t02

2020.08.03/records | Brüsseler Platz

Brüsseler Platz T03

[todo] get recordings from felix's zoom
- photos from thiago
- photo of marie

2020.07.29/records | Brüsseler Platz

Brüsseler Platz T02

2020.07.26/records | stadtwald

in a tree

short afternoon break to test a delay pedal, two hammocks happened packed, reface cp + moog synth app. echoes of khg plays.

next time: hang mics

2020.07.25/records | Siebengebirge


on the train over:
- got the improved routing matrix interface working on the train over
- agreed to set felix up with a simple one-page site that creates annotation entries for recordings, editable by anyone (maybe password-protected)
- make appointments in nice places and get ready on the way...

balancing giving and taking in a space, active/passive, listening/sounding. cold and dark, still air, sensory deprivation.

2020.07.25/records | Königswinter


finally found the pipe not looking for it.

2020.07.23/records | P17

testing routing matrix

testing small compact battery-powered setup: reface cp, marshall ms-2, ma

flexible routing into pitch shifters, slow changes

hard to see value of loudness in the router

- [x] changing interface so that holding down pad moves 'set value' to current value
- [ ] expose loop in-out-fade time

^ where the process of experimentation is more interesting than the recording itself, and the experience of the process reveals desire lines and areas for improvement

2020.07.21/records | Münster

Münster Kirche

2020.07.20/records | Duisburg

Landschaftspark Duisburg

portable setup

2020.07.20/records | feedback | Baustelle, Krefeld



fft filter

on the way to a fft resynth

2020.07.07/records | St. Michaels, Brüsselerplatz


A serendipitous organ hour at the St. Michaels church in Brüsseler Platz. Standing in the middle of the church, kids play outside, filter through, reverberate. Victor switches the organ on, a low hum, a deep breath fills the space. Soft flutes tumble in, strings and bass sounds smoothly drift into eachother.

Victor invites us upstairs for an organ hour with the Baroque Synthesizer, displaying the voice options assigned to three keyboards, foot pedals, volume pedal, flexible coupling.

for next time:

2020.06.26/records | ul | p17


testing the patch running running simply on iphone using built-in mic. the lightness and lack of cable connections afford an intuitive movement of the integrated mic as dry/wet modulation.

tapeshift~ = pitch -12, window ~100, delay ~100
process = adc~:tapeshift~:dac~
2020.06.25/records | ul

feedback matrix

2020.06.20/records | field recording | Allgäu

walking down

2020.06.19/records | field recording | allgäu

in the rain

rain setup

2020.06.18/records | field recording


2020.06.16/records | pd

train to allgäu

pd in the train

a space in-between, a space on the way. mediating the loud train ride through a macbook microphone and earlier piano sample to test functionality of the patch accidentally re-situates the listening experience as active and real-time.

the presence of everything, nothing shouts importance ... quiet is quieting ... (Gordon Hempten)

2020.06.14/records | field recording

ginsterpfad ambience

2020.06.14/records | pd

routing matrix pt. 2

in situ slow-evolving conducting/scheduling

first thing in the morning, open up the routing-matrix patch from yesterday, pull in a looped piano recording.

filtered in feedback and filtered again.

route tapeshift~:dac~ 1 10000
metro 125
route sf~:dac~ 1 0; route sf~:dac~ 0 0 10


2020.06.13/records | pd

routing matrix

routing matrix with variable fade-time working


recordings feature prominent low-end ambience from traffic - how to use this? filter it out?

2020.06.12/records | field recording


wind through reeds, loud ducks. off-recorder mics make cue-making (almost) silent.

2020.06.11/records | field recording | Ginsterpfad

Am Ginsterpfad

walking soundscape, slowly-changing filters as attention-prompts. elements:

2020.06.11/records | pd

pd in the park

how to work with droning car sounds? trying to reinforce/mask them with sinewave organ.

pd in the park screenshot

pd in the park patch

2020.06.09/records | pd | p17

buffer/grid looper, piano

2020.06.07/records | pd

[pp.grainer~] T03 organ

testing sequencer with pp.grainer~ and KHG organ sample

2020.06.06/records | pd


ma jumps on piano loops

2020.06.05/records | pd


2020.06.04/records | pd


patch notes: two asynchronous loops, one ma loop

tapeshift~ delay on live input

would be nice: easy control of tapeshift~ volume (at least)

2020.05.30/records | pd

krupp gm7 and the dogs outside

testing chord with rhymthic 1/8 playpos jumping as carpet

listened through through schmalfußs tape-IR. consider feeding through, re-recording?

todo: add playpos-jumping module

2020.05.25/records | pd


past sound as rhythmic pulse

spring between random segments of the loop

every 1/8, jumping 1/8*lengthOfLoop * random(8)
2020.05.22/records | pd


1 mic in room with piano with loops and tapeshift



2020.05.20/records | pd

Buffer Looper-Router

getting back to the launchpad-looper-router-interface, checking that it works as expected after a few days away. testing with a sample

patch notes: sample (taiwan-junglebirds.wav) looped, buffer looped, routed into tape-shift effect with feedback, starting to find something, hit record


2020.05.09/records | visuals | Stadtwald

wind on grass

2020.05.03/records | visuals

on screens

2020.03.10/records | pd

Trainsketch Taiwan

taiwan-trainsketch screenshot


2020.03.01/records | field recording


taiwan rock

[todo] insert field recordings

2020.02.15/records | pd

Trumpet Drone in Wallraf-Richartz Museum

2020.02.14/records | pd

crinkly plastic bag -> water sound

2020.02.05/records | todo

mawamama t01

first take of improvising in dialogue with an active figure-ground delayline modulation feedback. the length of a sound-object (distinguished as a ‘figure’) modulates the length of a delayline such that sounds made in a room are fed back to the room at varying–controllable–later times. pitch-shifting artefacts of the moving delayline abound.

with heiwa wong, marie stremmel, david martens

2020.02.02/records | pd

sine/piano drone

2020.01.18/records | visuals

Ginsterpfad Caustics



A handheld zoom capturing a waterfalls fed through Microbrute sequenced filter formed the basis for later keyboard overdubs.

2019.12.05/records | field recording

Bozen T02

2019.12.03/records | field recording

Bozen T01

toggle waveform
zoom: 0:00 / 0:00