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website as ambient player

getting into web audio for the the annotator exposed the potential of using the website as more than just a static dry serving of snippets

for example:
- cut-up/juxtaposing two randomly selected recording to create new interactions between them.
- maybe suggested pairings of recordings? and slow fade in and outs, ala

website that overlays two randomly-selected video files from a public google drive folder. successfully accesses drive folder and overlays videos with css blending modes.

(wishing to still smooth more the process of getting recordings onto an accessible website, decided to look into google drive implementation, opening up the possibility of, for example, directly saving iphone recordings to this folder, and easily opening up the process to others)

- randomly overlay highlighted regions of two audio files



how to work just with sounds in environment? idea for a resynth by upstairs neighbor and composer pablo garreton.

integrate resynth for drone from impulse
- look into pd fft analysis and resynthesis
- found working example of fft filter on [] (
- a filter to fight with emerges

2020.06.18/plans | allgäu

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